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    1996 Polaris SL780 unable to start

    Hi there,

    I am having trouble getting my SL780 to start. I presently have no spark and my MFD is not coming on. I at first thought battery, so I recharged it but same issue. Purchased a new one but still nothing. I looked at the 1/4 amp fuse, it looks fine. I have cleaned the grounds on the battery and on the engine block. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Any help would be appreciated. Want to get this back in the water for my son. Worked great all last summer

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    Please provide a clear explanation of what it IS doing... Turning over? Solenoid Clicking? Have you tried resetting the breaker? Have you used a spark tester on the wires?

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    Hi, thanks for responding. It is not turning over, no clicking, dead.

    MFD did come on at first before I changed out the battery now it no longer is coming on too.

    I have tried resetting the breaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveleaffan View Post
    Hi, thanks for responding. It is not turning over, no clicking.

    I have tried resetting the breaker.
    Was the battery ever hooked up backwards?

    If battery polarity is correct and was never reversed, then start checking/cleaning connections. Start with engine end of battery black cable, and battery ends of both heavy cables.

    Next step is inside electrical box? Check for good ground from Black terminals to engine case.

    Next check Red and Red/Purple wires for full battery voltage.

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