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    Stock or 15/20r impeller

    Have an 05 RXP just finished replacing the stock supercharger with a new X charger and installed 42 lb injector. Ski will be run at 1100 foot elevation and my question is whether I should try it first with the stock impeller or install the 15/20r solas that I purchased. More interested in strong acceleration than the top speed of the ski.

    And thanks for all the great information on this forum the ceramic washers on the supercharger I pulled off had 100 hours on them and were showing some signs of wear

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    15/20 is to much prop for you to turn with them mods...i would go with a 14/19r if i were you...

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    I run a stock prop with a riva nozzle set up. I switch the rings out depending on the temp outside. Mine has a very good hole shot.

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