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    WTB 2004 RXP Hull Parts (Green/Blk)


    I have a bunch of damaged hull parts on this ski and wanted to see if anyone had a hull or is parting out a hull. There was perfect one recently posted for $350 but was sold but it was too far away. I am in baltimore maryland but it does not matter if you are willing to ship. Here is a few things I am looking for:

    RH Sponson
    Entire front hatch assy.
    plastic gauge cover
    rear seat cover (black and white)
    engine cover (what the seat sits on)
    Front hatch metal lock
    steering cable

    There might be a few more odds and ends but that is what I know I could use right now.


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    I have everything pm me ur number

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    PM sent, still looking for the best deal but I am trying to wait till a new OPS comes in to make sure the ski runs good before I spend extra money in cosmetics. Still let me know what you have.

    Thanks for all the replies so far. I really appreciate it!

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    Got everything ordered from another member right now minus the rear black and white seat. Will still be interested on a deal on one of those. I do need the guage cover but I might just order that new since it is so cheap.

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