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    how many hours will a jet ski go?

    How many hours are about the time a 1999 gtx limited with a 951 motor will start to need things? Mine has 256 hours on it and I wonder when a rebuld will be needed? Great compression still but I would like to start planing or whatever. Any thing I should start to look for or maintence I need to start to do? thanks in advance. bob

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    you have been making the regular 10hr maintenance. ? Check the oil filter if still using the oil pump. I belive manual says to replace the oil filter every 100 hrs. Other than keeping the rave valves clean , grease on the PTO boot, fuel lines replaced (must) , Check the jetpump oil, wear ring and if it holds more than 130 psi per piston IMO you are good to go.

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    skirts on the piston might crack at sometime that what I have seen most of the time. Then breaking off and knocking a hold in the case.I would replace piston at 300 hr to be safe. What Happens one side keep running find while the other side is riping the shit out of every thing. So if something lets go shut the ski off as quick as possibly. If I had done this it would of been a easy fixes for me. just thought I pass it along. Good luck, I hope your motor run great for you.

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    I have change the inline oil filter, oil lines & bleed oil pump once a year (when get ready for the summer) and check the jet pump every 10 hours or so, rebuild carbs every 3years and check rave valves. Some times I take top end off to check piston and rods to make sure still good then install new rings if bore still in spec, I do this every two season depends on how many hour I've put on. I now pre mix to be on the safe side. I once had 2 99 GTX Limited, sold them and got an 96 X4XP and 94 SPX, more fun to play on.

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