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    R12X Help 3 Codes F1 Flashing

    My ski has 180 Hours on it. I was riding the other day and after about an Hour the F1 light comes on and would not let me rev the engine past 3000 or it would sputter. I let the ski sit for 5 mins and started it up and was able to get back to the ramp fine as long as i didnt go over 35MPH once i did the F1 light would come on. I pulled Codes and got 7,9 and 12. from what i can see some one the wires wore through the coating the engine seems to be hitting the seat. Maybe i need need a new wire harness and engine mounts... any ideas

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    Lotus what did you end up finding out was the problem was with the three codes that you were getting because i'm having the same ones coming up on mine but not the problems with the engine mounts?

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