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    Question Sand filters / strainers: Do they work and / or impact performance? Do you recommend

    Obviously, a ski shouldn't ever be started in shallow water. Unfortunately my ski was recently borrowed and this happened.

    As an added precaution against this in the future (in addition into proper training of course), does anyone have any experience regarding sand filters / strainers? Any pros? Cons? Recommendations? (This would be for a AquaTrax R-12x).

    Specifically, do filters / strainers work, and do they noticeably impact performance? I'm included to assume they work if performance / racing shops sell them, and I'm also inclined to assume if they do impede performance it must be negligible. But is that really the case? Here are some I found:


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    They may work but I dont see how they could NOT reduce performance.
    Best bet is to NOT loan it to anyone especially if you are not with them 100% of the time.
    2nd would be as you said proper training and the understanding that any damage they will pay for 100%

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    my advice is to skip the strainer. You are more likely to clog the strainer and overheat your engine. The strainer built into the pump does a decent job.

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