i recently purchased a 1994 sl 750. the guy who i bought it from stuck 2400 dollars into the machine. i picked it up for 500 bucks. it was not run for over 2 years since the engine was rebuilt. (crank , pistons, impeller, solas prop, the whole works). i took it out out on the lake for the first time after i purchased it. it did not run well at all. i figured it was just from sitting for so long with out the machine being winterized. i now have ran about 5 tanks of fuel thru it and replaced the fuel lines that go into the tank since the filters rotted off the ends of the lines. i tired running sea foam in it to clean it out. it runs alot better since i have been runningit, but there is still what i think is a fuel issue? i talked to a local dealer and they told me to try replacing the diaphram in the fuel pump, so i did and it still had the same problem. i tested the compression it had 125 psi on 2 of the cylinders and 100 psi on the other. could the rings be shot on the cylinder with the 100 psi of compression? or is that just from the lack of fuel going to that cylinder.? i also have been reading threads about guys having similar problems and they replaced the stock fuel pump with a aftermarket one with 3 outlets to supply fuel to each carb seperatly. could that also be a problem ? it seems like the ski is only running on 2 cylinders all of the cylinders have good spark. it takes off out of the water very slow and once its out it runs about 28 miles per hour. any ideas on the problems i am having?