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    No Spark on my Polaris SLT 780

    I recently pulled the Carbs off this machine and rebuilt them. There was a lot of crud stuck inside of them. (due to the ethanol in gas). I have reinstalled carbs and all other components and i am now having a running issue. The machine will crank crank crank and sounds like it wants to turn over, but it wont. I pulled the spark plug wire off the spark plug and am not getting it to arc to the plug at all. Any reccomendations or related problems ?

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    Welcome to the Hulk! An inexpensive automotive type spark tester will make it very easy to check. If you still don't have spark, and the lanyard is installed properly on the kill switch, the next place to look is all of the grounds, and to check the impedence readings on the stator.

    Good resource for all your questions:

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    Hey. I too just found Greenhulk, like marina2000. I'm having a similar, but different problem with a '97 SLT 700. Mine will die at speed, restart only to die again at speed. The next day it would not rev up, and die ocassionally. Made it back to shore, but lost a good day. This has happened before, and I thought my old dealer had it fixed. There is a new ignition box now-don't know yet if it's the upgrade. Also, just found out about the bad stock fuel line yesterday. Could be both fuel, and electrical problems. Any thoughts would be well recieved-summer is short here in Colorado. Thanx-tkotko2. p.s. this website rocks, and your ski looks almost identical to mine.

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