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    new to 4 strokes, 05RXP engine cleaning questions

    Supercharger washers came apart, engine has good compression according to the shop I bought it from.

    If I understand this correctly, there are 2 oil pumps that have to be removed and cleaned out and there is some sort of screen inside. Is it correct to say that if those screens are intact that it is doubtful that the shrapnel is in the engine? I assume that i must also do an oil change and clean out the entire oil pan (assume I can split the pan to clean it out???) And I know I need a new SC. Anything else for no-brainer must-do things to get it back to health engine wise? I'll get pics up later. On my way home with it now.

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    2 oil pumps; 1 in front, 1 in back & each pump has a screen which slide out from the housing. Not all the debris from the clutches is caught by the screens. The oil cooler needs to be flushed as well. The whole process is easier done by removing the engine from the hull. But first, get access to a shop manual.....

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    Thanks. I assume the free shop manual available online is not going to be comprehensive for this job. What is the best one out there for the money?

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    Manual for a 2005

    Ceramic washers get ground up to tiny bits that go through the screen. Engine out, strip and rebuild. Loads of other threads on here stating all items to be replaced. Don't replace something and it will catch up with you....

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    Thanks badv. Thanks for the link as well! If 930 pages doesn't cover it...I need to bail on this project right now ha!
    2 surprises when I got it home. A missing motor mount and a missing prop and prop bearing setup. One busted engine lift hook thingy and a couple parts that I couldn't figure out what they are yet. The rear of the engine and all the pipes, exhaust and tubes were disconnected and in boxes when i bought it. Spent the evening cleaningClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	276997 out the hull where antifreeze, oil and water was pooling and then tried to put everything back together w/out a service manual. Not too bad. Over 150 hours on the gauge so I was a bit disappointed with that but who cares since it will be rebuilt.

    In one of the attached photos, I am hoping it is clear that there is a chunk of missing aluminum next to the timing chain. Also, there are a couple teeth on the inner socket-like-thang (that's right...all fear my ultra high tech part identification technique). Anyway, the big gear right behind the outer flywheel gear(I think that is what it is). Anyway, there are 2 or so teeth busted off a bit. Big deal? In one of the pics, you can see the snapped off end of something (maybe a timing chain guide?) About 2 links up on the left.
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    the missing chunk is the support for the bottom of your chain guide. You need to find it and have it welded back on. If you can't find it you need to find a very good fabricator, machinist, welder. That part makes sure your chain properly align into the crank gear at 8000+ RPMs.

    The flywheel/double gear needs to be replaced. The starter gear assembly looks like it took a lot of abuse. Not sure if its ok to use or should be replaced

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    Thanks for the info. I can't seem to find the chunk so I'm guessing that the shop I bought it from cleared it out of the housing (or it likely fell out when they took the cover off since that is the way it was when I bought it). Shoots, it might be hiding back in there somewhere...I'll keep looking. In the event that I don't find it, would you suspect that a pro with a tig welder could just weld a small "L" shaped brace to the same location to hold the chain guide in line? Not knowing the first thing about timing chains, I suspect there is a measure of deflection that is allowed but at those high RPMs not too much and I do have access to a case that is in good shape to bring to a welder to measure the placement. I also am going to pull that SC apart this weekend. The top half of the SC sleeve is what came apart. I don't know if the washers tore up or not. Since the ski has 175 hours on it, I have to wonder if they had them replaced awhile back? Regardless, I found 3/4 of the sleeve parts laying around under the cover below the bendix gear and suspect if I try harder that I'll find the rest of it minus some small particles that chipped off. I know I still need to go through this thing but IF the washers did not break up and IF this is just the sleeve coming apart that caused it to be put out of service by the this a game changer at all? The shop owner insists that all I need to do is clean out the two oil pumps and the bottom which I assume to be the part with the red arrow to it. I know...I know...Do it right or suffer the consequences. Just trying to figure out what he was talking about at the shop while I muddle through the manual and the site to find tips. Damn...2 strokes sure are easy to understand!Click image for larger version. 

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