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    2004 rxp codes please help

    My ski stopped running. when I plug my key in I only get one beep and my gauge dosn't not light up. So today I took my 04 rxp to the shop. they hooked up b.u.d.s. Here are my codes {p1517 occurred}. {p1607 occurred}. {p1681 active}. {p1682 active}. They can't work on it for 2 weeks. Can anybody help me chace the problem down. thanks so much.

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    P1681 - Communication problem - instrument cluster message missing
    P1682 - Communication problem - EMS message missing

    P1517 - Compass out of range
    P1607 - MPEM fault

    Start with checking all the connections up front, pull apart connectors one at a time and inspect for water ingress / corrosion. Ignore the compass fault. The MPEM fault may also be due to a poor connection. Check all fuses etc.

    Easy stuff to do yourself. Any connector pins you see that are not bright shiny connections are suspect.

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    Ok I did what you said. Everything looks good.

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    no help on that. Is there a way to test volts to each part to locate were the problem is.Maybe I have a volt drop on one of the wires. Were do I start. Battery is good fuses are good.

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    I did some test. p1607 to check for 12v on pin 7 and 8. its good. It also said to check p1682 for 12v on A-11 and ground. did not get 12v. What does that mean. Is the ecu bad

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    Like Badvgood said, I would look for corrosion problems = a lot of bad connection = computer can't read what it's supposed to read. This why I relocate my Brain under the steering wheel, same bracket, same Brain, Holes line up perfect. You just have to angle the TPS sensor to the right angle, so it's not upside down. If you put it upside down, the Brain will read it ass your ski is upside down and will put shut you down
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    the has ran in fresh water. I have taken all conectors apart everything looks good. can anybody loan me a ecu or can I send mine to somebody to see if it is my ecu is bad. My dealer can't help.

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    found the problem its my ecu. now I'm stuck with out a ecu. what a bad week. hole in intercooler know this.thanks for the replys

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