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    service code 18

    hey all, i run across this forum when my 2003 ploaris Virage 1 didnt want to run, after reading up posts i come to the conclusion the EMM was bad, in which i took you alls advice and sent to DFI to be reaired, all is great put it in the water and took off 15 minutes later check light is on , ok i come back to forum and read more made the code reader per member K447 work like a charm, got a code 18 alternator voltage above expected range, by the way want to personally thank K447 on his posts, looked in service manual and the only thing it said is to check for good ground if the voltage is high in the alternator section, can anyone help me out with this, i would appreciate it thanks in advance. Gereatt

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    Might be worth a call to DFI. They may have some insight.

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