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    Mahi--Licious! All Wrapped Up.

    Every now and then while I am on the drive home the gears in my head start turning as my stomach starts telling me it is dinner time.
    I had pulled some vacuumed packed Mahi out of the freezer this morning and was thinking about how I would cook it.
    Well I decided to wrap it up, so I stopped at the grocery store and got some supplies to do it the way I wanted. Here is my dinner from tonight, I liked it and my wife said "Go Catch More". No Problem there.

    First thing is you need to get on your jet ski, run thirty miles offshore and catch a couple Mahi!

    Get all your ingredients together.

    Tonight I put the fillets in parchment paper, surrounded with fresh spinach, mushrooms and topped with tomato, fresh salsa and pesto.

    Wrap it up, place on a pan and put in convection oven (or broil) at 500 degrees for 15 minutes.

    Open the oven, unwrap the paper and get a whiff of your steamy dinner delight!

    Place it on a plate, remember, presentation is everything!

    Go out on the deck and enjoy the nice breeze coming across the bay and eat dinner with your wife.
    Tonight we had saffron rice, green beans and lightly toasted sunflower honey artisan bread.

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    Damn!!! Nice job
    I'll bet tasted as good as it looks.

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    Thanks, we liked it.

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