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    97 sl1050 advice

    iam going to look at a 97 sl1050 in a day or two, the seller is female and from what i gather on the phone pretty upfront and honest, she bought the ski 10 years ago for herself and had the top end redone 4 years ago by her brother inlaw. now the ski isn't anywhere close to a boat ramp to run it, so i can only start it for a few seconds or so on the trailer, i can also check compression.
    my questions are, what is the normal compression for this motor? i know my old seadoo was 150psi, but iam not familure with polaris.
    anything i can visually look at that maybe dead giveaways for a poorly maintained ski becides gray fuel lines and oil in the hull?
    any way to visual verify the ignition update wad done without using a ohm meter?
    thanks in advance

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    If the thin black wire between battery negative and electrical box is NOT connected or has been cut/removed that is a sign that the Ignition Update kit may have been installed.

    Another sign would be the presence of a multi-pin connector in the stator cable near the electrical box.

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