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    Fuel range of 2000 XL 1200 LTD.?

    If me and my wife jump on hte ski and ride normal as in 35 - 40 mph, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, how long mileage wise can you usually get out of the ski? Can you make a 40 mile or more round trip? I really have no clue...... thanks for the help! Lot of variables but ski is stock.

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    I believe the manual says @ WOT, you will get a little more than an hour drivetime. If youre constantly plan on taking long trips, better off investing in a 4 stroker.

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    I have the same ski and I can usually be out for four to five hours taking it easy. Not sure what that translates to distance-wise, but now that you've brought it up, I'll try it and get back to you. There's always a good excuse to go ride!

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