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    RXP compared to RXT hull

    So I have an 06 RXT bunch of mods and I know it would be faster in an RXP. How much better does a RXT ride in rough water compared to an RXP I dont ride three ever and I like jumping waves and going fast. 71 -72 on a RXT would be about 78- 79 I think on a RXP but I dont want to get the crap beat out of me on the rough stuff. My three seater is bad enough.

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    RXT will ride much better than a pre-2012 RXP.

    I don't think there is that much difference in speed, with my mods I'm running 77.9 and RXPs with similar mods are around 80mph.

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    The difference is pretty big when it comes to rough water, very wet on the rxp.

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