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Thread: carb rebuild

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    carb rebuild

    so i just have a very simple question i've been searching for carb rebuild kits on ebay and other site but theres a ton of different ones out there what kit do i need and wheres the cheapest place to get them i've seen anywhere from $89 to $150 for all three but i've also seen the same kits and each carb kit for $30 to $80 so... what the heck where is the best place i have 2 skis so cutting some cost means a ton i already need 2 triple pumps. along with a cyl and piston kit... then who knows maybe i can get some preformance stuff

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    Call John Zigler at rock county jet ski - he has special Polaris kits that are the real deal and will save you a couple of $ - ONLY buy genuine rebuild kits

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