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    Question noob static timing questions

    i want to start by saying i believe ive search and read so much info ive fried myself with feeling time pressure to get this thing ready for vacation.

    96 700 slt

    cdi fried so i got the hurricane update kit.

    have the new stator and flywheel back on.

    have a test led and 9 volt connected per searched posts.

    using a dial indicator i have confirmed 0 on my flywheel is tdc.

    my ? is where do i go from here? if i go to 18 degrees on the fly wheel the test led fires. (is it that simple?)

    or since its static does the test led need to come on past 18 degrees btc to account for time lose do to revolving speed?

    in a nut shell , everything zeroed out were do i go from here?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is this .271 of travel back or is it to the reading of .271?

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