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Thread: Raider sank

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    Raider sank

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      1100 raider sank

      My raider sank this past weekend and now I'm having one heck of a time to get it to fire. My questions are. Is there an easy way to get all the water out of the case. I've pulled the head and noticed that the piston tops have numbers stamped into them. Is this normal. They are different numbers. Two have 25 one has 50. Does this mean that the cylinders have been bored and they are 25 + 50 over. Also I'm wanting to check compression. What is the plug thread pitch and what am I looking for as far a compression

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    14mm sparkplug threaddiameter

    When a ski sinks you have a very short time to get water out of it before major rust can set in. If you can't get it running, Since you already have a head off, pull a jug out and use turkey baster to get water out of bottom of engine and then pour 2stroke oil into your crankcase to try keep rust from settling in to your crank and bearings. You do need to get it fired up ASAP or the engine will become a rusty anchor.

    My old raider had about 115 psi compression

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