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    Removing Carbon?

    Do you guys know of any way to eaisly remove carbon from the inside of the exhaust chamber? I would like to get all the old carbon out but I can't find any other way besides a wire brush. If I rember right there was some type of cooking spray that took it off? Maybe I'm crazy. Thanks.

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    This works very well. Prices listed are retail. For Preferred Customer pricing PM, EM or call me.

    Power Foam Engine Cleaner & Degreaser (APF)

    Power Foam Engine Cleaner & Degreaser (APF)
    AMSOIL Power Foam removes gum, varnish and carbon deposits for more efficient fuel economy and improved overall engine performance. AMSOIL Power Foam cleans intake valves, intake manifolds and throttle plates to keep the combustion intake system running at peak efficiency. Effective in both two-cycle and four-cycle engines, AMSOIL Power Foam eliminates engine ping and keeps carburetors and injector systems properly tuned. AMSOIL Power Foam is safe for fuel injectors, catalytic converters and emission control devices. It will not damage seals, gaskets, rubber or plastic materials commonly used in gasoline engines.
    AMSOIL Power Foam contains a powerful foaming agent and special high boiling solvents that penetrate rust and grease. AMSOIL Power Foam cuts through rust so bolts can be loosened or tightened easily. By dissolving grease, AMSOIL Power Foam cleans and protects engine exteriors.

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    EZ Off oven cleaner will do it. I just take mine to the local machine shop and have them dipped.

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    Dow oven cleaner too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    Dow oven cleaner too.
    exactly......and if you run out of money, carb cleaner and gas will do it too.

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