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    Excelarator pump removal?

    Ok I have a 2000 xl1200 with the pv motor. I am putting on a primer kit and would like to know if I can remove the excelarator pump from the carbs. I have a d plate with premix and stock air box. Can this be done to prevent bogging on start up. After we ride for a while and let the ski sit. It starts fine but will bog down and I have to feather the throttle to,get the ski going. Bill rebuilt the carbs last year so they are good. I've read on here that the problem is the little pump. But most people remove it and reject and ad new flame arresters. Can I remove the pump and keep the stock air box?. Thanks for the help.

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    I removed my accelerator pump by simply removing the cam. Took two minutes. Then, I attached a few zip ties to the pump and led them to the top of the engine and looped them around the back engine hook. Now, if I need to I can just pull on the ties and it'll give a shot of gas. To be honest, I haven't ever had to use it. Mine starts easily. I have the exact same ski as you and I can tell you that removing that pump had a huge effect. No more low end bog! I also rejetted and added aftermarket flame arrestors and the power upgrade is impressive. I also went premix, but am not 100% sure that was the right move. At first to save money, I simply drilled a bunch of holes in my stock air box and tried that. It was fine, but I like the arrestors a lot better. I used Riva's kit. I would definitely disable that accelerator pump.

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    Ok I just want to get his correct. You took off the pump cam with a stock air box and the ski ran fine. Im happy with the way the ski runs performance wise. I dont want to go through the expense of buying flame arresters. Did you have to ad the extra air holes in the box or was this just a cheap performance mod.

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    At first, it was an attempt at a cheap performance mod. It worked fine, but the forums suggested that the best set up was to buy the aftermarket flame arrestors and rejetting. I think you can get away with the drilled holes, or remove the front part of the air intake tube that heads to the bottom of the hull. I will say this, going with the flame arresters and proper jetting makes the thing into a rocket in comparison to stock. I just used Oside Bill's recipe that can be found at the top of the forums in the sticky section. Apparently, it makes the ski very reliable. My only issue has been excessive smoke, but I'm working on it.

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