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    Kawi ultra 250x continuing to pool water in intake manifold

    hey all first post after a lot of searching. Have a Kawi 250x that was flipped and took on a lot of water. drained the airbox and intercooler as well as the intake manifold (by the 14mm bolt in the front), everything sat overnight with the intercooler in front of a fan. Flushed it continually with about 15 quarts of old 10w30 then gave it a fresh 5qts and filter. Ran it on the hose and immediate milkshake, however the motor ran substantially better (due to the clean intercooler). IMO its been run enough to not have water pooled in the SC but when i pulled the 14mm plug on the manifold it immediately drained 3-4 tablespoons of warm clear water. Any opinions on where im missing the water? im a sea doo guy and dont have a lot of experience with the bigger kawi motors.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Air box.intercooler. Or in the sc

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