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Thread: 2003 GTX Help!

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    2003 GTX Help!

    I have been lerking around here for a wile. reading all I can great information site.

    Now for the reason im here. Just bought a 2003 GTX S.C. after 15 min. on the water loud noise from inside ski and then
    it started taking on water. then rough idle warning beeper limp I was thinking WTF.

    I found the Impeller unscrewed from shaft destroying everything in it's way. water found it's way into a connector on the lower
    side of MPEM causing havic with the Ski and moisture in motor.....

    well I am half way through repairs I hope. this is what I have done and also where I need help.

    1 cleaned all pins on mpem and harness die electric all connectors.
    2 flush engine out with oil twice and replaced filter. ******* (anything else I should do here)
    3 bought a used pump assy. from a 2006 RXP with impeller ******* ( will this impeller work or should I chang this differant Pitch)
    4 bought drive shaft from 2006 RXP. ****** ( what else should I need Here to work in my Ski)

    I plan on upgading to 215 HP stuff wintertime I really just wanted to enjoy this unit this summer....

    Big question is the impeller? I like the feeling of launching out of 180 turns and deffenantly enjoy top speed.

    This Ski is all stock. I will be upgrading in future if I need to rebuy impeller again I will.
    what would you guys think a stock RXP impeller would do on this SKI

    ( my screen name has to do you my Drag racing stuff not Jet ski's lol)

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	pump cover.jpg 
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ID:	277151Click image for larger version. 

Name:	oil pump.jpg 
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ID:	277152Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stuff in lower pto housing.jpg 
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ID:	277155Click image for larger version. 

Name:	rear screen.jpg 
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ID:	277156how can i disgnose a thrust bearing. i dont seem to have any play in crank (with a prybar) but i had this stuff in pto housing lower area under is not metal aluminum (dont stick to magnet) is this normal for a 125 hour ski ???
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