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    whats a 2007 rxp 215 with blown engine worth

    Newb quesiton, but whats a good price for a 2007 seadoo rxp 215 with a blown motor. Has 42 hours on it and not sure what the thing should go for? Obviously without telling what kind of damage the engine has it would be tough to price, but im looking for a range here.

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    a standard rebuilt block from seadoo is going to cost 2000.00 to 2200.00 thats a block with NO intake,intercooler,stator,supercharger and so on .A complete motor ready to drop in is about 4800.00 to 5000.00 that is you doing all the work and not finding anything alse wrong. If you go to NADA and look up the ski in my area avg. retail is 4950.00 now add in what your labor cost if you were a seadoo mechanic doing all the work divide by half and you will find they should paid you to take the ski off their hands

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    $1500 to $2000 is typical price for blown RXP.

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    wow, makes me never want to ride a ski without a warranty. I wish you the best of luck.
    Maybe you can find a crashed ski with a 4tec motor and use the internals.

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