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    Should i be using efi cleaner.

    just have a general question.

    Does anyone ever use efi cleaner in there fuel injected skiis ?

    Is there a type for skiis or can you use automotive cleaner.?

    My 06 rxp has 75 hours on it and iv never put any type of efi cleaner throu it.

    What about using one of those tko 2000 fuel system cleaners?
    That claim to clean injectors,valves,intake system.


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    I use Star Tron Enzyme fuel treatment in my 96 XP carb, 2012 KTM 350 race bike which is efi and my friend uses it in his 2003 GTX DI, it does a good job.

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    guessing by all the reply to this,only one person uses efi cleaner.......

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    People have posted saying its a waste of money.

    Better off sending them away for cleaning

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    use quality problems. I call BS on snake oils daily. Every now and then I'll fill my truck with gas outside my normal ethanol free supplier just to get some "cleaner " in there. I burn all sorts of old gas in my pickup ( and some real knarly stuff now and then too!) just change my fuel filter at the beginning of every season. Improper storage procedures may end up with the injectors being plugged, but I haven't seen one yet.

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