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    hi temp light need help please

    i got a 05 rxp 215 and i was riding it on the lake today and i rode her for like an hour then i stop to get some supper then after i went for a ride after supper i went down the lake and the hi temp light came on when i had her wot but when i slowed down to around 50 mph she would go perfect but as soon as i put her at 65 or 70mph it would come on again and she would go in slow mode...anyone have any problem like this before

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    Welcome to the forum. You can bet a lot of people on here have had that problem before, although I am not one of them...

    Did you check your coolant level? Are you losing coolant?

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    Not uncommon, but usually related to hot exhaust due to not enough water going thru the exhaust. Usual culprit is a partial water blockage somewhere in the open loop (lake water cooling) portion of the cooling system. The water comes in off a bleed on the pump, goes to the intercooler, out the intercooler and to the the front of the exhaust manifold, then into the J pipe and then out the waterbox. There is a sensor in the waterbox that triggers an alarm if there is not enough water cooling the exhaust.

    You need to determine where your blockage is ... there are three very small holes in the bottom of the J pipe (where it extends into the waterbox) that can get blocked, check that first; many of us have used a drill and drilled those out just slightly larger to help allow small debris to get thru. If those holes do not look blocked, you need to go backwards up the cooling until you find the issue.

    If you have an aftermarket intercooler and no strainer in front of it, your intercooler may eventually get blocked with algae/weeds and sand too. Stock ones also plug up sometimes, another good thing to check along with the J pipe.

    Is the ski all stock or does it have mods? Has there been any work done on it lately, like the exhaust being taken in or out? You should also (first!) make sure the wire to the sensor in the waterbox is there and securely plugged in so it is getting a good reading too.

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