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    advise on a 1999 ts 1100 injected

    I have the opportunity to buy a 99 ts1100 that is not running. The present owner bought it not running so he has very limited knowledge of why it wont run. He found a crack in the back cylinder, from apparently from freezing, so he tore off the cylinder thinking that must be why it wont run.
    My question and thoughts are that the crack would leak but shouldn't stop it from running. Is there a way to test the injection and spark without it turning over?

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    You need to get a service manual for it. It should run with a cracked cylinder ,mine ran with a broken piston and a hole in the crankcase! Thought it had a blown head gasket originally. You will often see service supplement manual for the Li on ebay .It covers the injection system and other parts the normal manual doesnt cover.

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    The fuel injected 2-stroke TigerShark uses essentially the same Ficht fuel injection system as the Polaris injected 2-strokes. I imagine most of the diagnostics will be similar.

    See my signature links under Ficht for some useful info.

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