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    more performance 2010 rxpx

    Hello guys, I have a few mod questions about my 2010 rxpx 255.

    I put an r&d intake grate on and love it but now i'm looking at my next mod.
    Should I go for the 4" air intake? Will this lean my engine out? Is it a hard install?
    The reducation nozzles are cheap as dirt and give you a little power all over I guess but what size? There is 80mm to 86mm.
    With the 15/22 impeller, what do I gain? Is there a better impeller to get?

    Any other mods you guys want to throw in feel free to. I plan on getting the handheld tuner sometime in the future.

    Thanks guys.

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    I would go for 4 inch air (very easy to install) and Free mods. Such as Fill ride plate holes and reverse bucket mod. With these alone minus the bucket mod i got 2.5mph out of my ski. And no this will not lean your motor.

    Just thinking about it i got 4mph out of my mods in my sig, without the intake grate. It might be the hull but i have only spent $450Aus and i have goten 4mph which is great!

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    Go with the 4" intake. That will probably put you on or close to the rev limiter (8200). Add a 83mm nozzle and you may get by with the stock prop.
    Also on a PX it is not recomended to go smaller than a 83mm nozzle.

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    Thanks for the replies guys! What is the reverse bucket mod and fill plate holes mod? Can someone explain them?

    About the 4" intake, do I need a fizzle catch can as well?

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