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    Switched +ve supply for Garmin Fishfinder - RXT-iS

    I'm loosing my rag with the electrical diagrams in the manual for my 2009 RXT-iS

    I'm trying to find a switched 12v supply for the fishfinder so that it doesn't kill my batter if i leave it on. Apparently half the buzz bar over the battery should be switched but it seems to stay live. I've tried a few different places but none seem as simple as "on when i'm riding and off when i'm not"

    Anyone found a suitable switched 12v supply before? Current drain is minimal but happy to add a relay if there is a switched line which doesn't supply much current.

    Cheers in Advance


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    Legend - thank you. I did search quiet a lot for info on fish finders but didn't think to look for accessories in general.

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