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    2008 Ultra Lx surging

    I have a 2008 ultra lx which just came out of winterization and hasn't ran right since. During the dewinterization run on the trailer, one spark plug was found fouled. The auto store only had two in stock, so i only replaced thatone and it was running just fine. Put it the water and it was surging at high rpms, running from 53 mph down to 40, back to 53 and down to 40 again. Did this a few times, now always at 40. Thought it was bad fuel, refilled it, added stabilizer and moisture remover, same problem. Runs smooth, just not fast enough. Thinking computer problem? Also surged a few times on deceleration. Any ideas? impeller clear.

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    Change all your spark plugs you can't visually inspect a plug to see if it's good or bad unless you have x ray vision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FIRE0021 View Post
    Change all your spark plugs you can't visually inspect a plug to see if it's good or bad unless you have x ray vision.
    Thanks, looks like that's all it was. Found more plugs at another store further away and changed the other three, took it for a quick test run, runs great. Do most people change the plugs every year as part of dewinterizing? Guess it can't hurt. I guess the fogging oil maybe fouls them up?

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    Yes on my LX I actually do it twice a year just to be safe but I ride year round. I usually change my oil twice a year also. In this heat I just feel it is safer and not really that expensive considering the hours. Other than that there is not much to veer of the recommendations of your manual. Keep a spare plug or two in your ski just in case though. You can keep the best plugs from your last change for that.

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