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    Sucked up sand in 94 polaris sl 750

    ok, so I have a 94 polaris Sl 750 up at our cottage. My dad is an older guy and really doesnt have much experience with using wave runners...just the basics. So, he decided to take it out today and tried to go through a shallow channel(uuuggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!). Well, with the lack of rain the shallow channel is even shallower. needless to say ole pops sucked up a whole bunch of sand into it and now he says it will barely run..greeeaaaaatttttttttttt. So, Im not up there and im just curious how bad this is gonna be for me to clean out or where to even start.. or if there is anything he or I can do to flush the crap out... the only problem is, I dont even know where to start. Any help is appreciated. Have a good weekend!

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    There's a filter/screen inside the exit nozzle that needs to be looked at. And then there's a filter/screen at the top of the exh pipe. It has a 3/8" hose going to it. Remove that hose and unscrew the fitting. Clean as necessary, and reinstall.

    Hopefully it didn't overheat and no damage was done.

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