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    2010 rxpx pulls hard to the right

    just got a new leftover 2010 rxpx this memorial day and it has had a hard pull to the right. took to moron dealer, they did nothing. i ajusted cable from each end. when not in water bars are nearly perfectly straight and nozzle looks straight too. when in water and holding bars straight ski pulls pretty hard to the right. WTF?

    OPAS not adjusted?... any ideas

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    could be the sponsons out of wack, something stuck in there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skigolfnut View Post
    could be the sponsons out of wack, something stuck in there?
    I will double check tonight but they were tight when I last washed ski and free of debris.

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    Common problem. Re-adjust steering cable and put a very slight left bias into the steering, this should take most / all of it out. If not then check the entire pump assembly and make sure it is secure at all 4 pump bolts. Then check the intake grate alignment on the ride plate and hull, measure the distance between bars and the hull, I found my R&D grate was off a little.
    The sponsons are OUT of the water at speed and only used while turning, but make sure they are secure.

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