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    Buying slx 1200 w/ no spark and new coil pack. Guy is asking $1000. Good buy?

    I am contemplating buying a red 2000 Polaris slx 1200. I have never seen a red one before, and the guy says it has competition use stamped on it. He has replaced the coil pack and it is still not getting any spark. Any ideas to what could be wrong with it to why its not getting any spark? He thinks it may be a short in the kill switch under the seat. For 1 grand it is too good of a deal to pass on b/c I have always dreamed of owning one. Do you guys think it is a good buy? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    No spark can be a number of problems - read some of the threads here and you will find it can be complicated. Stator, Cdi, voltage regulator and (I think) MFD display sometimes - all expensive parts to replace and getting rarer. The SLX was not the best hull. For my money I would take a Pro 1200 any day. However if you can get any 1200 Polaris motor running for a little more than $1000 its a good deal.

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    both pro1200's had red top decks,the slx's never did.if the water box is red its probably a slx,if its black probably a pro1200

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Have you guys ever seen one of these? Guy says it has a stamp on hull that says Competition Use Only. I have never seen a red slx!

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    It's either a Pro with a decal kit or a highly-painted SLX.....although that's not even a standard SLX decal.

    Got any more pics? What's under the seat?

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    Either way, as long as it has good compression, it's a pretty good deal. It won't take more than $4-500 to get it going....and that's a worst-case of replacing the stator and CDI.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	277201I haven't seen any pics under the seat. The seller is suppose to meet me halfway and I'm going to do a compression test and look it over. He is about 6-7 hours away. He claims that it has competition use only stamped on the hull. And b/c of that it comes with no title, but a bill of sale. He said he is also going to throw in a title for a seadoo just in case it is hard for me to get a registration stickers and registration for it good until 2015. I'm thinking it is a limited edition type of ski, it looks too good to be painted red. And why would someone remove pro stickers and put rare SLX stickers on it? Anyways I'm stoked!

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    Thats a 2001 Pro 1200 with a SLX decal covering the Pro 1200 decal.

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    I googled the pics of Polaris skis last night and I thought it looked like a pro 1200 as well. I have no idea why he changed the decals on it. Maybe they got scratched up from docking. I am contemplating buying it from the 2nd owner so I have no way of knowing. You have an '01 pro right Bryan? How do you like the ski? Is it any things that I should look for when I go to look at it? What should the compression read? I guess it is good that its a Pro instead of an slx because the pros had a better hulls?

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    ditto,01 pro1200 with an slx sticker over the pro1200 far as the competition only stick that could be something removed from a pro785 hull.its a police interceptor ford motor,its a b/b chevy hemi,its a boss 302 motor,yet has windsor heads,just a way to make it SOUND like its something more than what it is.probably got a fried cdi from somebody trying to jump start it from a car.if the compressions good,and the pumps not beat all to hell $1,000 bucks a good deal,come with a trailer??anybody notice the bow shield??pro1200

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