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    99 785 pro no spark

    Hello all!!!! I have a 99 785 pro that was running last season and now i dont have any spark. I tested all the wires and here are the readings that i got:

    Red/purple to yellow=.6
    white/yellow to black=235
    blue/red to red/white=22.5
    red/white to green/red=515
    All these seam to be in line with what they should be. Am i to assume at this point that the CDI is bad? I have a 97 pro as well, can i swap out the CDI from that one to see if i get spark in the 99 or are they not interchangable? Are there anymore tests i can do or is there something else i have not tried yet? Oh, and i did disconnect the MFD already also. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    PS.....If the conclusion is that it IS the CDI.....does anyone have one that they wanna sell or know where i can get one?? Thanks again

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    Try the 97 and see if it runs.

    There's a guy that was selling brand new CDI's a while back. Search the classifieds and see who and if he has any for sale.

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    hooked up the cdi from the 97 and got it is the cdi. I have pm'ed some guys through the classifieds that said they have one for sale but no response yet. If anyone has one that they wanna sell pm me and we will get a deal done. thanks

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