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    2000 GTX Engine Dies

    I have a 2000 GTX that starts fine, runs fine up to 3/4 throttle. At full throttle it run great for about 2 minutes then it is just like someone pulled the key. Motor shuts down, boat coasts to a stop. You can immediately restart engine. It run fine and will run all day at up to 3/4 throttle. I changed plugs - no change. I took it to a repair dealer and was told it has low compression and the engine needs to be rebuilt. Now that just does not make any sense to me. I am not a genius when it comes to boat repair but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night and that just sounds wrong to me. What would compression have to do with the engine just shutting down. Any thougths on if this is true or what the problem might be?

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    The dealer is probably spot on. You have low compression because the engine is running lean from partially clogged carb filters and you have burnt a piston. The reason it shuts down is the piston is getting hot and seizing in the cylinder. As soon as it stops it cools down and will restart. Atleast for a few times. You will need a top end and the fuel system cleaned.

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    Did they say what the compression is ? let us know or go buy a compression tester and check your self to be sure.

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    What engine is it

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    My 2000 GTX Millenium Edition just did almost the same thing today. Was fine out for a cruise then just died. Could run a bit then died again. Did it 4-5 times trying to limp back to the dock each time with less time before it crapped out. Mine happened at even at idle the last two times. Fianally towed it back.

    Do you think it may be similar cause?

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    It can be a carb issue. Get a rebuild. Discard the gray fuel lines if haven't. Try these: just before it stalls try to pull the choke a little or if it has a primer kit prime it if it responses again your carbs are in need of a rebuild.

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