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    injectors for mods

    hey guys i got a buddy with a 2007 rxp. external i/c x charger 4" rear air rrfpr, and wideband hes looking to run a et137 and just found a riva ecu for cheap. i know they call for 50s with the ecu but would bigger injectors be needed to run the et? or could one get away with even 48 bosch or accels? reason i ask also is because he has the ecu but not charger yet he may wait for the charger but doesnt want to buy multiple sets of injectors

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    48 Bosch and you can adjust fuel up or down with the RRFPR to suit your needs.He may find that he will need to run a lot less fuel pressure with the stock charger until he gets the ET. He can add pressure for the ET if he needs to.

    I run an XX with the Riva ECU and 48's right now.

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    48s drew... pressure down on the fuel

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    +1. I think that the riva ecu and the et137 with 48# will be very close to correct afr. May just need to fine tune with a rrfpr.
    I'm running riva ecu with 48# and 2rude at about 48psi base pressure.

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    I run the et-137 wheel with the bosh #42's and I have the rotax racing ecu that was mapped for the #42's and it works great. My AFR's are good across the board, and I keep my reference line hooked up to the RRFPR,

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