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    carb adjustments??????triple outlet fuel pump

    i have put on a triple outlet fuel pump, i adjusted the carb occording to what i read ...mag at 1 1/14 turns at 3/8 out....and rear at 7/8 ....all lows set at 1/2 my question is with the triple outlet pump feeding each carb seperatley and all carbs and cylinders are the same why is the settings different ....i have a 94 polaris 750 sl , please correct me if my setting are wrong..very new to the jet ski world. im assuming that the more turns out =richer. your input is greatly appreciated ..ready to water test just dont want to blow it before i get

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    Click on K447's link for more info. Tons of discussion on this topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superd2K View Post

    Click on K447's link for more info. Tons of discussion on this topic.
    Yes - good link to read here. The settings you have listed are correct. the more turns out does = richer.

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    ok so i water tested today , it ran like a top..i was monitering the temp one cylinder at a time with a multi meter but when engine was running it was all over the place .turn engine off temp reading was normal, i thought my multi meter batteries were going down , but i couldnt understand why looking at read out it was steady at a temp then start the ski up it goes crazy like 1200 down to 500 degrees and everything in between .. so i pulled my seat off and felt heads i could leave fingers on heads for 5 seconds before it stated to burn i was pretty confident that the meter wasnt right, all though thats how i tested my first ski with no crazy readings..pulled the plugs on ski they looked a little lean to me , so i turned out all carbs high speed 1/4 turn out .. still ran good , plugs looked a little better i think.. so back to the crazy temps , i believe its the spark plug that was in it , i noticed its a b8es and in other polaris its a bpr8es...wich i read the plugs without resistors can cause electrical inteference , i would have never thought , will test this tomorrow..and thanks for the replies ..i love this site i bought btwo skis that didnt run and from this forum i have two running skis . i had absolutely no experience in jet skis

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