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    Normal smoke/ oil flow GP1200R?

    Total noob here to PWCs. I have a 2001? GP1200R that had been sitting in storage for over a year. Pulled it out to use for the weekend and it started amazingly easy.

    The engine fired (out of water, no flush) and I ran for 5 secs or less, several minutes apart. Can't see any smoke. Yanked the plugs (look kinda oily), opened the oil bleeder, cranked the engine ( no throttle )and a very small amount of oil runs out.

    I never though to pull the plugs and crank with bleeder open at full throttle to monitor oil flow.

    The serice manual says how to adjust and bleed the oil injection system but says nothing about flow per specific time period.

    Is there a specification to how much oil flows per minute at idle, etc?

    Would I be crazy to pre mix some gas/oil 50:1 or 40:1 and run in this thing in ADDITION to the oil injection just as a precaution? I wanted to install an oil pump delete before I left but I ran out of time! My only option is to ship it to our vacation rental and install it there (650 miles from home)

    The Kawasaki i have smokes quite a bit. I really don't mind the smoke because I know the engine is being lubricated!

    Any help for a noob would be appreciated!

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    Remove oil injection with a block off plate or make your own. Premix at 40:1. Great how to in the how to/ faqs section

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    Breakin says to run 50:1 with the oil pump still attached so you should be ok. Just dont do 40:1 with the oil pump.

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    The bleeder is to get the air out and fill the pump with oil, while it is NOT running. When oil comes out the bleeder the pump is purged with oil. If you are worried about whether you are getting oil or not, try mixing 50-1 in fuel, run it that way a tank or 2, then see if your oil tank is dropping in level. Also look for oil leakage in hull to see if any oil lines are leaking or off.

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    You'll be fine with 50:1, bring some extra plugs.

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