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    07 Speedster 215 rpm and top speed At 2000 feet

    I noticed this winter that my crossfire sled hovers around 2000 feet while riding the frozen lake so that is the elevation I am running in. My 07 speedster is my first boat and is as of now totally stock except for the dual lip Viton seal in the charger as the factory one was leaking. Also have the steel Riva clutches Coming for the charger. Has 11 hours on the boat and today with just me in the boat and really nice conditions it ran 51.3 mph gps verified at 7680 rpm, does this sound right ? Pretty warm out with fairly high humidity right now. Might do a 4in intake on the boat to get more rpm but is hard to find a standard way to do it on the forums, any suggestions ?
    Also if you start from a stop with full throttle is it normal to bounce off the limiter a few times before it really seems to hook up ?

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    Try a new wear ring for the impeller if it's bad that will lower your rpms and the 4in intake will bring them up to A stock speedster should go 52-54 mph And the stock hour meter doesn't work on the 2007 if yours says 11 its more than 50 mine says after 5years only 33hr I think I have over 300hr

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