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    Need help on CMD A/F table

    I have finished my install of the CMD marine and WB 2 system on my 2005 RXP and I'm in need of assistance entering the A/F info in the auto tune table. I understand the A/F to RPM relationship but having trouble with the corresponding % throttle. For example what A/F number would you put in the table for 8000 rpm at 10 % throttle. To me those numbers don't correspond. It would be helpful if someone could post a screen shot of this table populated.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Great question! Cause I got the same problem, but I am not using the Autotune and can't figure out what to put into a field that would only be possible as the throttle would be closing from say a WOT run.

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    This is mine. Change whatever you want.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    For those of you out there running CMD's, there is a new version of software available now (v1.0.0.. Just a few bug fixes we have found and the help file is now complete:

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