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    93 GTX Not turning over

    I have recently acquired a 1993 GTX with the white engine. It sat in a barn for a while and was actually filled with water when I got it. The hull has been drained, the engine checked out clean and turns over with good compression(jumper cables from battery to post on starter). The issue I am having is that it is not turning over from the switch. I haven't checked the solenoid voltage yet because I found that it is blowing the 5amp fuse in the MPEM. My question is, what is this fuse for, and how would I fix that? Or just a wiring diagram would be nice so I can trace the circuit and find the probable short. Any other information about this ski you have for me would be welcome as I am used to working on the Polaris skis, so this one is a bit different.

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    download the 93 manual -

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