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    2001 xlt 1200 knocking at low speed

    Hey Guys,
    I am hoping someone on here can help guild me in the right direction. I have tried searching for my issue but I have been unsuccessful. I don’t know all the terminology so I am sure it’s my fault.

    Here is the issue…

    The ski now has 93 hours on it and has always ran good. No mods and no major work done. Last weekend we were down at the river and decided we were going to pull someone on a tube. Everything was going good until I slowed down way down and pointed the ski up river. The tube started to dive under water, which also started to pull the ski and started making the ski tip. I have saved a tip before by giving it gas, so that’s what I did. I wasn’t really thinking that the tube was now an anchor and the more gas I gave the ski the more resistance I created. Long story short I pegged the ski for a few seconds and it went nowhere, and tipped over. So I righted the ski and got back on. When I started it I hear a knocking that sounded like a car with lifters knocking. However, the knocking only occurs under 5 mph. I stopped pulling the tube and took a look under the seat. Everything was dry so I took it for a quick run. It still hit the same top speed and the motor still ran the same as before.

    After I got to thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I did something to the impeller shaft and maybe its rattling around at low speeds now. I was just thinking about all the pressure on the impeller from running wide open and going nowhere. My question is what and where should I start looking for. I know there are a few different bearings but like I said my overall knowledge of the terminology is limited.

    It would be awesome if anyone could offer any advice on what to start with or even some key search words so I can do some more research.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hey Grady. This sounds like somthing that could be tricky to diagnose over the internet. Even though it seems to be OK on top end, I'd start by checking your compression.( it never hurts one way or another) I'd be a little concerned about some water ingestion. I dont see the Impellor being effected enless you sucked somthing in your intake grate.

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    It wouldn't hurt to look up the intake of the pump and also in thru the back to see if you have damaged the impeller blades, wear ring, or pump vanes. I have seen vanes break and wear rings "bubble" from corrosion. They could cause a knock which would go away with higher speeds, partially because there would be additional noise to mask the knock.

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    Hey thanks guys,
    I haven't had any time to look into the issue yet. I did start it for a quick second out of water with the seat off. I could tell that the knocking sounded like it was down by where the shaft comes out of the engine (not from the back of the ski). I also did a quick inspection of the intake and the impeller blades. Everything looked normall but I will look a little harder this week. I also agree with running the compression check. I wanted to compair the results from last years test anyways. I will make be making some time this week to investigate and I will report back with my findings. Thanks again for some tips.


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    So I had some time yesterday to take a closer look at the ski. The compression checked out good #1 110psi, #2 113psi, #3 110psi. I also looked at the impeller and there is no signs of damage or room to move around. I even tried grabbing the shaft and moving it around to see if there was extra play but it had no slop. I started it again and could hear the knocking right were the shaft exits the motor. The knocking only happens at really low speeds. Once you get over 5 mph it stops. Any ideas or things to check next?

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    do a leak down test.

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