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    MSX 150 Oil Tank Upgrade Kit Needed - BAD

    Anybode have a used one they want to part with? Who has best price on a new one?

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    Randy at WeberPower has the oil tank upgrade kits. He also sells just the oil tank and rollover tank, but it's recommended to buy the whole kit if your not familiar with how the new one is plumbed in the system. It's not the same as the original.

    Good luck!

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    I have 'em in stock.
    Be sure to browse thru the Weber specialty parts sections, as I am adding things daily!

    I am open to suggestions for my site, and I always looking for ideas. If you see a problem or a link that doesnt work, be sure to let me know.


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    If my tank does not ship this week from EBL Watercraft I am going to just ask for a refund and buy it from Randy. I am tiered of waiting. :'(

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