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    Hey everyone,

    Newb here and looking for some help. I am looking for a project. I am new to jet skis and have always wanted one. I have rebuilt outboard engines and owned boats my whole life and while I know it is not the same thing, I am not afraid to break things open and see what makes them tick.

    What I am wondering is a pretty general question but would love to read your feedback. What would be the best model(s) to work on for a first timer? Would a one carb model be the way to go?

    Hopefully this will become something fun for me and give me something to do in the winters and fun in the summers. I don't have much to work with at the moment, so I am looking mostly at the older 2 stroke models, I have to admit I gravitate to the 1995-1997 models but am open for any suggestions.

    I am looking for fresh water used but will be using them in salt water as I live in RI and right on a nice cove. While it is calm in the cove, there are times where it gets choppy. Any help would be appreciated and look forward to your responses.

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