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    need new impeller waveraider 1100

    i just bought a 95 waveraider 1100 it has a pro-tec intake grate, ride plate, and extended steering nozzle. the motor is still stock. the impeller was trashed in it when i bought it. im looking for an impeller thatll give me good low to mid range acceleration top end isnt that important to me as the water where i ride is usually to rough to open one up anyway. i was wonder what impellers you guys are running in this ski or what you would recomend for it.

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    I can get you any Solas prop that you want. I can get you a
    Concord 12/18 or 13/19
    Xprop 13/16 or 14.5/17.5
    IJK Series 13/19 or 14/20

    All props will be about $280 shipped to your door

    Pm me if you want any more info

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    I got a skat trak 15-20 swirl. Was using it on my conversion ski but it's a little to steep for what I need. Should work great in a raider. It's Like new $150+ shipping lmk

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