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    96 xp jetting with ocean pro flame arrestors??

    this is the set up i got off of ebay. My motor just rebuilt and exaust is stock i do have a 98 spx waterbox i think they are the same. I have a ride plate trim tabs and solas sd-sc-xo prop and worx intake grate. What is the best jetting to go with on this set up with the flame arrestor set up i have. thanks for any help
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    Hey man, I feel bad that nobody's gotten back with you. That spacer gets left out a lot. Maybe it makes the original chokes work if you don't convert to the primer? Anyway, you will need to up your low speed jets a size or two to loose the low end bog that those flame arresters will create with stock jetting. I like to slightly crack open the normally closed high speed needles too. With more air flow needs more fuel flow.

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    thanks how about the mains do i need to up those as well. The jetting i used that i found else where was way off, I could barely start it then it would flood out wide open. So i put the stock set up back on and same thing. So i am going to rebuild the carbs again since it sat all last year. trial and error i guess

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    oh, and do me a favor... bead blast those things, they're filthy !

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    2.0 needles and seats, 145 mains, 75 lows. Im doing this by memory, might be 147 highs. 80 gram springs if your south , 90 up north.

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