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    2001 Genesis with EFI cranks, and sparks but no fuel.

    '01 Genesis with 132 hours on it, died while out riding. Suddenly, just quit. Here is what I have done to diagnose it so far:

    Fuel pump runs, removed it and bench tested it.
    No fuel pressure out of the schrader valve after cranking.
    Pump also receives 13volts when cranking.
    20-23 volts on the injectors when cranking.
    Spark in all cylinders.
    Will sputter, cough and try to run if I spray fuel/ starter fluid in the throttle bodies while cranking. But doesn't run more than a second or two.

    Open to any suggestions. I believe that I have had the EMM replaced before (about five years ago when i first got the watercraft) and I don't have access to another EMM, except through the local shop for fair market price.

    I own a descent amount of tools, multimeters, etc to help trouble shoot this.


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    try pinching off return line.regulator may have fallen off or is no good.

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    I'll try that, where is the fuel pressure regulator ?

    Also, I have checked the circuit breakers and fuses in the electrical panel.

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    The fuel pressure regulator is inside the fuel tank. It is a really poor design, its a fairly heavy brass piece that just snaps into the bottom of the fuel pump assembly and hangs on a short piece of hose. Over time and banging around on the water it is a sure bet it will eventually fall out. Its a pain to get to also, you have to pull the tank forward to get the fuel pump assembly out.

    As already said, pinch off the return line on the tank side of the shrader valve and check to see if you get pressure. If so the regulator has fallen out. The simplest and cheapest fix for it is to just get a regulator for a 2000 Kawasaki 1100 STX DI. Same exact fuel injection setup and parameters. The part costs about $15 and just installs in the return line.

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    Does it look like a ceramic aerator from an aquarium? If so, it's in there and attached. When I pulled the fuel pump assembly out yesterday, everything was attached. No loose parts.

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    Ya, I guess it might look a little like an aquarium aerator. Its just a round brass piece on the end of about 2" of small fuel line and it hangs just under the top of the fuel pump assembly.

    If you have bench tested the pump and are sure its running and it is in fact getting voltage while cranking it should have fuel pressure. Im not completely sure, but I believe the computer activates the fuel pump by engaging the ground. You may want to also check your crank position sensor. I had problems on my Kawi not turning on the pump and it turned out to be a bad connection in the crank position connector.

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    EMM does indeed ground the Brown wire to activate the fuel pump.

    If regulator is in place and fuel pump is running with all fuel hoses connected there should be fuel pressure.

    It is possible for the actual electric fuel pump to go bad (make noise but not actually pump fuel properly). See my signature links for some replacement options.

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    I would say the pump is not pumping only because they usually start even if the regulator fell off. like said previously, pinch the return line between the schrader valve and tank and then check pressure. also make sure you have power at the red and white wire and make sure the brown wire is grounded while cranking. if you have power and ground and still no pressure with the hose pinched, you need a pump. if you don't have power at the red and white, you might need a new circuit breaker

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    im thinking bad ecm, hook up to polaris lap top to comfirm, send to dfi in alabama, they fix them

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    Quote Originally Posted by gillystv View Post
    im thinking bad ecm, hook up to polaris lap top to comfirm, send to dfi in alabama, they fix them
    If he has no fuel pressure that is the key issue especially since he has proper cranking voltage and spark on all cylinders. I would verify the pump works while installed like stated above and go from there. Once you figure out the fuel pressure issue then start looking elsewhere...

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