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    89 XP LTD smoke in hull.

    Well I picked up a new to me 89 XP LTD. Started and ran great at the lake today. Being new to me i did some quick blast across the lake and open up the hood and in was filled with a white like smoke. It did not have a real smell to it. All most look like it was coming from the back cover under seat. Did not do any thing to suck up water it was just a fast blast across the lake. Hoses looked good exhaust looked good. Did not see any oil. Not sure what would be making the smoke. Is this common? Rear drive shaft was real warm to touch not sure if it should get that warm. I know there is not much to go by. But does anyone have an idea what this could be. Did not look like a fuel or oil leak anywhere.

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    welcome to GH. I think that you have an exhaust leak either in the midpipe or at the manifold. the midpipe and stinger are two seperate halves. fix that seal. there is a copper ring that is in there and then put a nice bead of red hi temp RVT on it and tighten it back together.

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    I Think its the two Hoses on the expansion chamber. They where crossed. Its the one that goes to the water box regulator and the pisser.
    Waiting for an other part before i can test it.(Cable lock)277000784. I can not steer with out one. Opps. Cant find one around here in Waterford Mi.

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