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    Is this a good deal?

    Wondering if this would be a decent deal (even at the buy it now price) taking into account the amount of hours, or lack there of, and the fact that they are bone stock. Any opinion is greatly appreciated.

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    The reserve is $9500 Thats not that great. $6500 would be a good deal.

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    At a certain point, the amount of hours can hurt the value in my mind. When things sit, they fall apart. Plus, one ski has damage to the nose. Any pictures of the insides? I would never even pay close to $9500 for those. Like 20Ft Boy said above, $6500.

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    I wouldn't pay more than $6500 for both of them.

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    I think 7000 would a good deal for them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Pantsdown View Post
    At a certain point, the amount of hours can hurt the value in my mind. When things sit, they fall apart.
    x2. They're still going to be 10 year old machines next year, and they're going to be 10 year old machines that have spent a lot of time sitting idle with seals drying out, a fuel system getting full of varnish and gunk, etc etc. Before doing anything aside from "puttering across the lake" as I suspect the current owners did I'd want to be doing a lot of preventative maintenance on them, so keep that in mind.

    I'd also be asking for a compression test as well. There's lots of superficial info in the ad, but nothing concrete so far as engine health...not even pictures with the seats off to show you that it's not a mold/rust nightmare under there.

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    Number one, that is way more than $75 "superficial" damage to the one, more like $1000, notice the crack to the left side of the picture? Also, I would wonder why the seats were recovered with only 14 hrs of use. I would not pay good money for any waverunner I could not test out on the water, or at least hear run and do compression test. Even that doesn't tell you if you have to do $500 carb rebuild(with labor) for gummed up carbs from sitting.

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