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    96 XP VTS Gauge only working with half sweep

    When I pulled my ski out of storage this season I found the VTS gauge was not reading at all. The VTS was working properly and has full motion but the gauge does not read. I did some testing and found that the gauge does have full range of sweep when I unplug the gauge wires and either short them together or leave them open so I think the gauge is still good. Anyone have any ideas on anything else? Everything is pointing to the VTS module sender which is kinda pissing me off since I changed it last year and retrofitted a 97 unit in.

    To add to the mess, the weird thing is the more I have been using it, it seems to be starting to read more. When the VTS is all the way up, it reads half sweep on the gauge now and when full down, it reads like it does when the ski is off.

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    it is not seeing enough resistance from the sensor module (24.3 ohms Down - 167.3 ohms Up)

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    mine went completely flat. I think mine is guage related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastestonehere View Post
    mine went completely flat. I think mine is guage related.
    Measure resistance between Brown/Black and Brown/White at the gauge connector - it should change as you move the vts up and down

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