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    99 slh 99 slth 5500?

    700 twin motors the smaller one has 81 hours the three seater has 109 hours on a double shorelander trailer comes with 15 lifejackets wake board two tubes,anchors .skis have not been beached hes always tied them off. he wants 5k what do you think ? i have a genesis and i like it alot but i think i might want theses

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    The price seems a bit on the high side to me... I'd check to see if they have had the ignition update kit done to them. The easiest way to tell is by the plug boots, if they are orange the skis more than likely have the update kit. If not, there is a good chance the stators will fail at some point. It could be a good negotiating tactic. Also check to see if they have the original grey tempo lines which would indicate a lack of maintenance on the fuel system side. With my luck, I'd plan on rebuilding the carbs on both skis (use genuine keihin parts!).

    It tends to be region specific but I'd say the price should be closer to $3000, you could pick up the skis individually for a bit less than that shopping around. Now, if they are in immaculate shape and have been very well maintained that could bring the price up some.

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    If they are in good condition, 4000 would be reasonable. Thats about 1500 per ski, the trailer, and all the goodies.

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